Why Bad People Are the Way They Are

Why Bad People Are the Way They Are


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I used to wonder why so many bad people can get away with doing immoral acts when I was a teenager, until I later on found out that there are no immediate consequences to their bad actions.

As children, we learn from our parents by giving us the “slaps on the wrist” type of punishment, to let us know that what we were doing was completely unacceptable.

You’d think that maybe someone gave Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler and Chairman Mao slaps on the wrist before they got big. 😟.

Another day I read this article about bad peoples’ thought patterns in particular: These bad mother-flippers would do, only what good people allow. Bingo!

Hence why the #metoo Movement was a massive success and a step towards eradicating bad behavior from bad people altogether. When there is an immediate, serious consequence to a bad action, these bad people wouldn’t act out as much.


Remember the other article I shared about two guy friends I used to hang out with? Well… One of which lovely gentlemen was a not so close former female classmate’s older brother.

Yeah… evilness is actually a lot closer than we think.

His sister and I went to the same Chinese school together when I was 15-17. Her name is Hannah.

Back then, Hannah’s older brother dated a girl by the name of Candy, who was 6 years his Junior. Basically the age difference was between what Emily R said about Adam Levine’s marriage with his hot model wife (the bigger the age gap, the more likely the man will manipulate to get his way).

The dude, the former McKinsey Engagement Manager, had a sex addiction even back then. And get this: He was a church going young lad. His sister is fluent in 5 different languages. His parents are high-achieving, prominent community leaders in Vancouver. He doesn’t match the stereotypical immoral fudge-boi profile at all, and yet there I was at 23, 24 sitting across from him at that Catch 122 restaurant for brunch in Vancouver.

I met the dude on Tinder.

The reality of the situation was that I didn’t know that Tinder is a hook up app. And this engagement manager, didn’t explicitly asked what I wanted either, so I just assumed we were dating 😂, only to have the dates end up in his bed in a downtown high rise condo.

Can you blame a female incel who lurked around on 4Chan and Reddit for dating advice in my early 20’s, to not know how bad men operated?🤣. Nobody was born knowing how bad people get what they want.

Long story short: We dry humped a couple of times, and he wanted to go all the way so badly, he lied via Facebook messenger about us dating non-exclusively. LMAO. Why didn’t you target someone else easier, Wei?

This is a serious question.

Your name is Wei Lin and you used to be an Engagement Manager at McKinsey. Your body count is in the 3 digit range. You had a reputation of being loose, in your graduation year at the MBA program at the Richard Ivey School of Business. You claimed that everyone in your year, was sleeping around for jobs, but it was only you and handful of incompetent people who did that. The Korean girl you repeatedly slept with, pretended to be a Samsung corporate executive's kid, to impress you, and to make you see her value, but you didn't. You got scammed by your former fiancé whom you also happened to meet on Tinder! 😂🤣. Your friends took advantage of you, for mentorship opportunities, and never bothered to tell you the truth. That recruitment executive you introduced me to, in the hopes of going all the way with me, told me that you have some things you have to figure out yourself.

It turned out that even your friends laughed behind your back and you didn't know.

retribution is real. If a bad person doesn't get a bad ending, he or she will eventually get a bad ending. History has proven that already.

I thank God everyday that I met someone bad, but not bad enough to force me to have sex. I thank God everyday.

* I want all of the boys who has ever approached me for my looks, and deemed me to be fucable, to know that women don't want sex as much as men. Stop coercing women to have sex. They aren't interested. Getting a pretty girl into bed, and thinking it is an accomplishment are the most pathetic things a man can do - most good men frown upon that type of behavior. Anyone with half a brain wouldn't associate themselves with you. Why else do you think that Messi hasn't had dinner with Ronaldo yet?


You let good men and women find out who you really are - lazy and horny, and you walk around cracking jokes about sex in front of your platonic female friends, making you look like low level trash, and then you wonder why people who can bring more value than you do, don't go for you in a romantic setting. Ruminate on these new ideas, kids.

It is NOT MY JOB, to be your dating coach. What you do and say, are socially inappropriate. (To the friends I recently blocked, respect my wishes to no longer be associated with you).

What makes you think that what you are doing is okay? 😟.


My friend Sherry and I had been friends for awhile and she thought it’d be a good idea to invite both of our mothers out for hot pot.

The conversations were slow at first, until Sherry’s mom told my mother and I that one of her friends’ daughter, caught HIV from her first boyfriend.



At first I thought she was making it up, until I asked questions and Sherry’s mom had sinews popping out of her neck as she answered my questions. Yeah. First time having sex in a committed relationship and she caught HIV. The former boyfriend was a Yappie who worked at this high end boutique in some industry in NYC.

One out of 189 billion chance and it happened to her.

(The next time, any of you boys and girls want to do something reckless, please remember what I published online, okay)?

I want all of the kind, strait laced people in the world, to start exposing bad people in your lives, and warn others immediately once you get hurt. Back in the day, without the Internet, women gossiped in villages for a good reason - the purpose was to expose village rapists, corrupted local politicians, etc.

Bad people will only do, what good people allow. Remember that.

(Shout out to my father, Mike Ai Ping Han, for giving me the courage to publish this story online). Good men s’ love is like the mountain, strong and stead fast. 🙏 Thank you Derek, Derek, Gavin, David, Keith, Ray, Justin etc... to all of the good men I met through working and studying - old school, gentleman-ly virtues are not dead. I respect and am willing to support good men and women any day).


Finally, if you stumbled upon this blog post, and you want to change: Please restrain yourself from telling other good people that you used to be trash. Good people don't recycle trash. Hide your dark past and try to become a better person. :D