Right Person, Wrong Time

There is no such thing.

We've all experienced this before: Some girl or guy who popped out of nowhere at a coffee shop and you two really hit it off, but one of you was in an exclusive relationship. Or, some seemingly compatible person showed up suddenly at work one day...

He or she said something that resonated with you = You think he or she is the one. The person seems to tick all the boxes - all of the by-clauses in your supposed "contract".

One of three things would happen:

  • You stalk him or her on social media channels, giving the person a "like" or two, to remind them that you exist, now and then.

    • The limerence and infatuation killed you so you deleted the person.
  • You still fantasize about what would have been, what should have been, blah blah blah...

Happens to the best of us, and every one of us.

Every time something like this happens to me, I give it five years.

In five years, if that person is still on your mind = you simply fell for a type. There are plenty of people that fit that type. In five years, you have grown and are no longer the same person you once were when you first met that someone you infatuated over.

If the Universe wants you to cross paths again, trust me when I say, it will eventually happen. Leave it to your rational mind, heart and Divine Energy to decide over time. :).

That person showed up in your life, to dictate what kind of person you should go for in the future, have a clearer blueprint of what you want, or teach you a life lesson.

The right person, you always meet at the right time.