Lessons in "Love"

Lessons in "Love"


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I'm a huge fan of straight-to-the-point, no BS type of advice and I asked at least 3-4 happily married couples what advice they have for us 20-30 year olds...

Here they are:

  1. Try your best to NOT be a person's first or even second romantic relationship person. Most likely he or she, doesn't have a roster of comparisons yet and cannot tell what advantages you have to bring, to aid the other party.

  2. DO NOT add the person on social media, especially when you know you've already obsessed over them in your mind. (We all do this). Limerance will kill you. Nobody on Earth is susceptible to a libido and boredom so everyone is prone to daydreams that won't materialize.

  3. 9/10 a person, FEMALE AND MALE won't cherish what is in front of them when they have OTHER OPTIONS. This is regardless of a good moral compass or not. Unfortunately, this is what human nature is capable of. The same thing applies to job hunting.

  4. This is for some guys I met over the years: The moment you recognize that the girl you are falling for, is morally way superior. You better break up with her and let her be with a better, morally sound person. She is under no obligation to MAKE YOU A BETTER MAN. Nobody is a catalyst for your change, come on !!!

Finally, love is very realistic.

We'll all end up with someone who has no better options left, or be proposed to because the person in front of us got rejected by many people; and, you happen to be the only person who accepted them, or... ๐Ÿ˜ (I know I made all' yall depressed with my articles).

Think about it this way: What is so bad about the person you end up with, being not accepted by other people? Or the person you end up with won't leave you because they don't have newer options? As long as they added value somewhat during which time they've been with you, that in itself is enough.

When I get tied down with my marriage, I'll just aim for ten years and that is it. That is doable. ๐Ÿ˜‚.