How to Navigate a Long-Term Romantic Relationship with a Girl


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I distinctly remember a friend of mine telling me that women couldn't apply to have a credit card until the late 1960s in America - I scoffed at that fact.

Fast forward five minutes later, I googled = I was shocked. He was right.

Nowadays the tables have turned and women can receive a good education, make more than some men, and have emotional support from most of their female friends = much more than an average young man will ever have.

So you tell me why so many red-pilled brothers are bitter... It is a known fact that many men live in quiet desperation, according to Joe Rogan. Not only do some young men have a lack of love and support from their families of origin, but they also face malicious jokes and no emotional support from their guy friends. On top of that, a lack of romantic interest from women in general due to a lack of looks, lack of career prospects, etc.

Is it society's fault or the women's fault for abandoning men altogether? Or is it the men's fault for choosing emotionally stunted male friends, listening to red-pilled brothers, and not studying enough during high school and college years?

I've gathered some data points to help some lost young men:

  1. Since women no longer need men for money, they are looking for good looks. Clean yourselves up and become physically more attractive through a good sense of style, have a trendier haircut, etc.

  2. Women are sick of doing emotional labour for the men they are close to. They no longer want to be counsellors and life coaches. Work on your own traumas and get rid of your insecurities and baggage on your own with the help of a counsellor. Don't let your buddies know that you are seeing a counsellor.

  3. Most women WILL NOT be honest about why they rejected you. Ask a very honest female friend of yours on WHY she thinks they rejected you.

  4. Women who grew up with more money than you, 9/10 will not go for you. Classism is a real thing. The higher up in society you go, the more the girl is going to care about what your family does for a living, not just your own job.

  5. The ability to compromise, solve conflicts and have a sound moral compass, are rare, key skills a lot of people do not have. This is why at least 40% of millennial marriages end in divorce.

  6. Finally, traits like being interesting, having a good job, and having good looks, only keep a girl in the short term. If you have all of the above, but don't have the skills of #5, she is using you as a placeholder.


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