Grounded in Reality and Gratitude

Grounded in Reality and Gratitude

Tips on how to stop being delusional

When I was younger, I wanted to intern at a multi-national mega-corporation, badly. I want nothing more than to show up with a Grande Starbucks misto in hand, smiling mouth to ear in front of other interns, and sporting that Wilfred Sicily sweater. I want nothing more than to do a sales pitch in an elevator in front of three directors in business development, like the one I saw in a movie about Wall Street once. I want nothing more than to exceed imaginary high expectations of myself, only to be reprimanded by three project managers on how I didn't know how to do pivotal tables one month in...Only to be scowled at the actual job interview when I spoke some Turkish and German... Only to be massively let down... 🤣.

I am sure all of us think the same way at some point: How many of us hype up the Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks, and then find out that it tastes kind of basic?

How many of us BUY the hyped-up gaming laptop, only to find ourselves searching for more RAM storage boxes two months in? 🤣...

The same mentality applies in relationships - we finally end up with the partner of our dreams, only to find that the person has intolerable traits we CANNOT bear🤣...

The solution to this is very simple. We have to learn from pick-up artists who perpetually play games to get women. These people know something we don't. They are patient with the process and don't expect results right away.

So what if you landed a job after three months of the deadline you set for yourself? New job = new responsibilities to stress over!!! You could have enjoyed your time off while job hunting.

So what if you are still single AF and the people you go for don't go for you? 🤣Do you not know how much actual work it takes for the relationship to be fruitful?

I am going to take the advice from my friend Elizabeth to try to develop a more positive mindset.

Here is to, becoming more process-driven and not result-oriented. ☺️.

Shout out to my friends: Elizabeth, Victoria, Tasneem, and Derek. It feels amazing to be understood and even better, to have newer perspectives I automatically cannot think of. 🙏

(By the way, my blog somehow has over 2678 views). LMAO!