Greeny & Eternal Infatuation of the Spotless Mind

Assigning meaning to meaningless interactions


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Greeny & Eternal Infatuation of the Spotless Mind
Take it as it resonates

"I didn't mean to pry..." is what was written in that email...

Okay... I won't bite.

Recently, I had an interesting encounter with a random stranger at a temporary administrative job that lasted for maybe 8 days? *I can't recall very clearly now*

I've been told by at least three friends of mine that they really enjoy these random personal stories so I have to write about this... ๐Ÿ˜

One day as I restocked the coffee beans (part of my job) at work, someone 4-5 inches taller than I am with a pedophilic blonde moustache uttered his first words to me,

"Hey, do you want to see something interesting with the coffee machine?"

As an hyperactive aware over-thinker, what would one think of a random encounter such as this one? Let's keep in mind that most employers don't pay attention to temporary employees.

In my mind, I went

  1. This person is attracted to me and wants to chat.

  2. This person is bored so he caught me at the right time.

  3. He is one of those people that likes to build rapport with everyone.

    This was later on, proven correct.

Through some digging on the Internet, I found out that the person is a writer... and here is the most interesting part: His dad has a blog that I actively follow now! This particular random person, lost over 200 lbs in a span of not even 2 years.

"How F***ing interesting!" I thought to myself. ๐Ÿ˜. I definitely wanted to be friends, but, for some strange reason - I kept back-peddling between defriending and friending on Instagram with this person. It's almost like: I saw a character foil of myself, with personality traits I never fully accepted in myself reflected back at me. So in turn, I ended up hating the person for no apparent reason.

I learned at least three facts about life in general from this random interaction:

  1. Some interactions with people have no meaning - don't assign meaning to meaningless interactions.

  2. Some people you meet, literally serve you as a reminder that you've been bored and not living up to your potential. This is a contradiction to my first point but, hey, at least I have an introspective mind.

  3. A lot of people can talk to you and would want to get to know you, but don't expect anyone to escalate anything further. This especially applies if you are attractive. * ๐Ÿ˜œ.

Thanks for the validation from the interactions, Greeny.

Let's just all assume that as long as someone is willing to give us the time of day = they are for you and not against you.

Three months it's been and I've thought about the stories non-attractive people v.s. the attractive people have = at least some of us have stories.