Dating App Fatigue/Woes

Dating App Fatigue/Woes


In case some of you haven't noticed - dating apps are full of narcissists, compulsive liars, and machiavellian personalities. Good people have figured that out, fast so they ditched a while ago.

  • Let me guess: You made it clear to the person you like them, and want to be exclusive = they somehow think that they can land someone better than you. (Classic example of how so many people, don't know what they want).

⬆️OR, they are one of those people who are greedy and want to find someone who checks all of the boxes = such a person doesn't exist. They have to browse around for 2-4 years to find out. By the time these people do find out what they want = every good person has figured out that you are greedy.

Remember kids, in the book The Art of War: Greedy people are not necessarily bad, but bad people are always greedy.

Think back to people who are in permanent relationships. They didn't settle for the best possible person they could land, nor did they settle for whatever attributes they once thought were important.

Human beings' greed knows no bounds.

The entire point of being alive and contributing to society is to curb that side of you that is horny, useless, greedy, etc. so that you can come out the other side of life, becoming a better & elevated person. Come on!

Really greedy people eventually lose all of his/her options. It's almost a given. This type of consequence happened to at least half a dozen of my parents' acquaintances back in the day.