Accept Your Mediocrity


2 min read

I am getting a lot of complaints and lament from friends, who tell me that the person they want to date, went for someone else...

It's a common occurrence. Don't be surprised nor very butt hurt.

You've known that person for 30 minutes, at 3 parties... It's normal for them to not be sure of you - they don't know you.

That's what happens when you go after someone of high quality - you are not the only interesting, funny, better fit for them. They will meet more high-quality people in the future. This happens to everyone, including those who are high quality. So accept your mediocrity - dating is like applying for a job: HR will retract your initial offer if they find a better fit. None of us are binded by a marriage contract, yet. Promises don't count for anything. Anything can happen at any given moment.

The worst thing a person can do is thinking that you are the best fit for them. Everyone is replaceable to some extent.

Accept that love is rare, and it only happens to those who know exactly what they want and know how much they are worth on the market.

Eventually, it will happen. Before it does, accept the hard fact that people are in competition with you and that there is always a better fit.

How to accept rejection and defeat is a lifelong lesson everyone HAS to learn. Finding love is supposed to be tough and full of rejections.